The Color of a Billion:
How Women & Minority Entrepreneurs Are Building Billion Dollar Enterprises

In the 1970s and 1980s, minority and women businesses were challenged with the burden of building multimillion dollar enterprises.  It was thought that in order for minority businesses to be successful during the early days of minority business development, they had to build and scale their businesses to a level that would allow them to compete with mainstream businesses nationally and foreign businesses globally. 

Now at the turn of the millennium, the business objectives and criteria for success of minority and women owned businesses have shifted dramatically.  No longer is the charge to build multimillion dollar enterprises the rallying call of business leaders today. 

Instead the call for embryonic, emerging, and established minority businesses and entrepreneurial leaders is to focus their sights on building billion dollar business enterprises.  The author has concluded that even if building a billion dollar enterprise is not your ultimate objective, the discipline gained from attempting to do so will benefit one’s business immensely. 

The question that many are asking is how do you accelerate the formation of billion dollar minority and women owned business enterprises in a world and society that is changing so rapidly that human knowledge is now doubling every seven years? 

Using a series of case studies, business analysis, and economic comparisons, noted author, Robert L. Wallace, takes a detailed and thorough look at what it takes to build a billion dollar enterprise, when faced with the challenges and impediments that people of color and women are forced to confront.  The findings and conclusions may shock you.

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