“(Bob’s presentation) was really engaging and kept the audience on their toes. It was quite fun and energetic, as opposed to a monotone speaker presenting on slides. He wasn’t afraid to throw out shocking or contentious ideas – not in a way that was offensive to anyone, but in a way that was like, ‘That’s exactly the topic I wanted to talk about; I’m glad someone’s going to be real about it.’ There were 150 people in the audience consisting of community members, students, faculty, industry experts, and other business owners. Everyone consistently remarked on how much they liked his portion of the presentation."

April M. Salas
Executive Director of Revers Center for Energy at
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

“The biggest difference Robert Wallace brings is his forward-thinking ability. He may be ahead of where you were when you walked in that room, but because of his presentation, it causes you to move to the next level and start thinking about the next phase, whatever that would be. He will leave you with some nuggets to think about when you walk out of that room, and you’re reevaluating where you are on whatever that seminar was on.”

Monetta Stephens
Supplier Diversity Manager
Toyota Motor Sales USA

“He has mastered the ability to connect with his audiences and to be relevant in terms of understanding an organization’s needs, especially in the minority business segment. I don’t know of anyone in the industry that has accomplished what he has, relative to knowing that – not only from a theoretical standpoint, but a practical implementation standpoint, as well. If you want somebody to connect to your audience, to understand what’s relevant in the marketplace today, to help educate and engage, then he’s the person.”

Sharon R. Pinder
President and CEO
Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council