To navigate today’s complex global economy with a keen awareness of environmental impact, business and government leaders are committing to sustainability. Across industries, green business initiatives will play a pivotal role in future economic development and growth around the world.

Leveraging decades of experience in the energy industry, Robert Wallace offers strategies, tools, and insights to help organizations green up their operations while increasing profitability. Working across industry lines to promote collaborations that maximize limited resources, Bob challenges organizations to examine their impact on the environment with a forward-thinking approach.

Delivering relevant insights that inspire real change, Bob pulls examples from his work as founder and CEO of Bithenergy, an energy services company specializing in power generation, energy management systems, and energy consulting. Throughout his career, he has serviced federal, state and local government agencies, corporate clients, and small businesses to reduce environmental impact and promote energy efficiency with sustainable best practices.

Through a variety of speaking topics related to sustainability and energy management, Bob shows organizations how to:

  • Maximize the efficiency of every unit of energy consumed
  • Being aware of the “triple bottom line,” evaluating performance in a broader perspective to create business value.
  • Track and manage energy consumption to improve profitability
  • Solve complex energy challenges with a bold vision of innovation
  • Make energy-conscious decisions in every detail of business operations
  • Integrate renewable energy sources and emerging technologies to reduce environmental impact
  • Navigate changing environmental regulations and complex market demands
  • Embrace green business initiatives to unlock profit and connect with consumers

To learn more, watch a demo video of Bob’s sustainability presentations and read feedback from other clients who have hired him to speak about energy topics.

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