Strategic Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Strategic partnerships and joint ventures are crucial to unlocking global growth opportunities. Robert Wallace helps entrepreneurs, companies, and associations learn how to select the right partners and structure flexible deals that will springboard them into sustainable growth.

His presentations outline a proven framework that business owners can use to conceive, develop, and execute powerful relationships to extend their impact. Based on more than 25 years of field research, Bob shows businesses how to: 

  • Implement innovative strategies for sourcing potential venture partners
  • Evaluate the suitability of a potential joint venture partner
  • Establish relationship boundaries to define how partnering companies can work together through processes and complications
  • Keep alliances fun, exciting, and profitable
  • Properly and legally bring joint venture arrangements to a close

To learn more, watch a demo video of Bob’s presentations about strategic partnerships, and read feedback from other clients who have hired him to speak about collaboration.

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