Drawing from decades of experience leading entrepreneurs and enterprises to new levels of growth, Robert Wallace is a dynamic keynote speaker who empowers leaders to navigate change strategically. His signature style of humility and authenticity engages audiences with compelling storytelling and practical advice they can apply to create better outcomes, both personally and professionally.

Combining years of research on the best practices of successful entrepreneurs with insightful examples pulled from his real-life experiences coaching companies and running his own businesses, Bob delivers powerful keynote presentations that leave audiences enlightened, educated, and entertained by his unique form of interactive “edutainment.”

Over the last 30 years, Bob has given more than 2,000 presentations to industry and community leaders, entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies around the globe. With an unparalleled ability to tailor each message to resonate with relevance, Bob is committed to making your event the best one your organization has ever experienced. He leaves audiences on the edge of their seats, equipped with the strategies and tactics they need to impact change in their organizations and in their own lives.

Learn more about Bob’s most popular speaking topics here, and watch a demo video of him in action, and read client testimonials to see how he can help your organization break through to new heights.