Artificial Intelligence (AI) has role in cybersecurity, but isn't magic bullet

In a recent study on combating cybersecurity attacks 3,866 information Technology (IT) professionals were surveyed across the Americas, Europe and Asia agreed that (AI) tools could reduce false alerts and increase team effectiveness.  BITHGROUP Technologies is one of 25% of the respondents who currently use and offer some form of artificial intelligence (AI) based security system. 


“AI solutions operate similar to a human immune system to scan and alert users of possible infections, said Harry Holt, Vice president of the Baltimore-based BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc.  His company uses an (and offers) AI solution from Darktrace Limited called Enterprise Immune System, which “learns” a network, Holt said, and the monitors everything that is in the network.  It learns the characteristics of the known users in a cyber network. “