Leadership & Teamwork

In a quickly evolving and increasingly competitive global marketplace, effective leadership is key to success. Regardless of your role, whether in a small business, large enterprise, community organization or government agency, leadership skills and strategies distinguish dying businesses from profitable teams that rally together to produce better results.

Robert Wallace has developed a proven framework for leadership excellence by leveraging decades of experience leading three companies in three different industries, combined with extensive research into the behaviors of other successful leaders. As an internationally respected keynote speaker and leadership expert, Bob shares his advice and insights through dynamic presentations tailored to resonate with each audience.

With his signature style of humility and authenticity, Bob challenges leaders to reshape their approach to reinvigorate their teams. By codifying the leadership skills and strategies that are critical to success, Bob propels organizations to new heights. In his high-energy leadership and teamwork presentations, Bob shows audiences how to:

  • Reengineer business models and processes to maximize profits
  • Manage through conflict, change and chaos to build adaptable businesses
  • Prepare your business for growth and global expansion
  • Develop and execute a strategic plan for growth and success
  • Bridge the generation gap to build more cohesive, diverse teams
  • Build high-functioning teams committed to accountability

To learn more, watch a demo video of Bob’s leadership presentations and read feedback from other clients who have hired him to inspire their leaders.

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