Green Gold

With the current economic crisis, every advantage is helpful in gaining clients and business. A large part of being able to increase both involves company image -- how others perceive you -- customer perception as well as the perception of others who conduct business within your company’s same sphere of influence. Today, with this growing trend in environmentally conscious thinking, businesses that can claim—truthfully—that they are ‘green’ now have an effective advantage over more traditional businesses.

Today’s consumers are actively looking for ‘green’ companies that can provide competitive services to help them also go green, as well as to help them help the rest of the world go green. All of that can mean one thing: more green—though in this context, green means money. ‘Green’ is the new buzzword at all levels of industry, from small businesses up to major branches of government, and the market is huge for those who can figure out how to go green themselves…and how to take others there with them.