Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Innovative ideas and new technologies can either wither away or blossom into successful enterprises, based on how each entrepreneur nurtures his or her idea. In that sense, entrepreneurship is the vital life-blood of all business growth and economic development.

A serial entrepreneur who has extensively researched the behaviors of successful entrepreneurs for several decades, Robert Wallace is an insightful and dynamic speaker specializing in topics that keep entrepreneurs and small business owners up at night.  

With a practical approach to blending his real-life experiences as an entrepreneur with his comprehensive research across industries, Bob delivers presentations that are as compelling to young entrepreneurs as they are to large corporations that want to instill an “intrapreneurial” spirit in their employees.

As an entrepreneurship speaker and facilitator, Bob equips the next generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the skills and strategies they need to turn ideas into profitable products. In his presentations about entrepreneurship and small business, Bob shows audiences:

  • Best practices and proven success principles for starting and growing a business
  • Strategies for overcoming common obstacles faced by entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Insights to identify opportunities and fill a business niche that your market needs
  • How to convert corporate employees into internal entrepreneurs
  • Vision mapping and strategic planning to position startups for growth
  • The importance of promoting and preparing the next generation of STEM entrepreneurs
  • The intrinsic links between entrepreneurship, wealth creation, and the development of healthy and sustainable communities
  • The strategic connection between inner-city and rural entrepreneurs

To learn more, watch a demo video of Bob’s entrepreneurship presentations and read feedback from other clients who have launched and grown successful businesses with Bob’s guidance and inspiration.

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