Economic Development Consulting

Both domestically and abroad, in urban and rural areas alike, emerging markets face major obstacles in sustaining economic growth. Overcoming them requires smart growth strategies based in experience and research.

Internationally respected author, entrepreneur, speaker and consultant Robert Wallace offers economic development consulting services to support the companies and community leaders charged with accelerating economic growth. Since rising from a financially disadvantaged and racially segregated community to build three of his own successful companies, Bob has consulted hundreds of other leaders around the world – sharing his researched, tested and proven methodologies to unleashing economic growth and human achievement at all levels.

Bob consults government and community officials and their organizations to design and execute targeted economic development strategies to:

  • Maximize community competitiveness in the new global economy
  • Harness strategic partnerships for profitable collaborations
  • Empower disadvantaged businesses to accelerate and sustain growth
  • Attract and retain companies to boost local economies
  • Create global opportunities for domestic emerging markets
  • Diversify local industry and economic activity by promoting entrepreneurship

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