Disruptive Strategies for Innovation

Innovation is transforming industries around the globe, from health care to manufacturing, energy, and education. For organizations to succeed in this new economy, leaders must embrace innovative thinking and intentionally disrupt their marketplace with strategies that challenge the status quo.

As an internationally recognized expert in innovation and growth strategy, Robert Wallace regularly presents his insights on Disruptive Strategies for Innovation. By tailoring his presentations to each audience’s needs, Bob is as relevant to entrepreneurs looking to disrupt traditional industries as he is to established firms anticipating disruption in their marketplace. With extensive experience leading and consulting innovative companies across industries, Bob offers practical advice and thought-provoking insights that empower organizations to break the mold.

Bob’s speaking engagements equip executives with the tools to lead innovation that will disrupt their respective organizations and industries for the better. He shows executives how to:

  • Adopt a strategic approach to change and innovation in your industry
  • Harness innovation to position your company for next-level growth
  • Align your resources and processes to foster an innovative culture of continuous improvement
  • Reframe challenges, change, and chaos into opportunities by pivoting your business strategy
  • Stay at the “bleeding edge” of innovation
  • Disrupt your marketplace by challenging the status quo and reengineering your processes

To learn more, watch a demo video of Bob’s innovation presentations and read feedback from other clients who have pivoted their approach because of his insights.

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