Principles of Building Entrepreneurial Success

Wisdom to Take Away

The Principle of Diminished Expectations

  • The term “glass ceiling” is often used to describe to resistance to advancement that minority and female executives experience as they work to advance in and organization. The world of entrepreneurship has a “concrete ceiling.” I use the image of concrete because, unlike glass, concrete offers no chance to see what could be achieved. This resistance is often in the form of diminished expectations. Some decision makers, unfortunately, still have a preconceived view that businesses owned and operated by blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women are not of the same quality and do not have equal capabilities as firms owned and operated by white males.  

  • The key to benefiting from the principle of diminished expectations when you’re faced with this situation is focus your resources on dramatically exceeding the expectations of your client. If your client insists on lowering the bar, you’ll find it that much easier to far exceed the expectation and score points for you firm.  

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