Principles of Entrepreneurship Maintenance

The Principle of Bidirectional Intelligence Flow

Wisdom for Today

  • Most companies, governments, and organizations in general have a hierarchical structure that is used to manage the entity. Each position in the company, though varied in size and function, plays a critical role in allowing the organization to meet its stated mission and objectives. Every person in every position in the organization has value. The organization or company is as stronger as the weakest of its links.  

  • Successful entrepreneurs know that because everyone in an organization is valuable and contributes in a unique way, they must seek out and make allies of as many of these people as possible. These people could be as low as janitors or as high as CEOs, but whatever their position, they can either help or hinder your progress. Typically, these people will have access to or be privy to important facts that could determine one's level of success or failure.  Likewise, entrepreneurs should work to provide information to other members of the organization that may need help. This bidirectional intelligence flow serves to benefit everyone involved. 

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