The Principle of Entrepreneurship Maintenance

The Grand Canyon Principle

Wisdom for Today

  • Over time, water is stronger than rock. A steady and relentless stream of water will eventually wear away the strongest stone. Likewise, entrepreneur who are confident of their mission and who persist and persevere, even though the most trying of times, will ultimately wear down all obstacles 

  • When you're in the Grand Canyon, you may climb many smaller mountains and hills, but the fact remains that you'll still be in a hole. Successful entrepreneurs must recognize that it is not enough to win the "little battles" in their journey to canvass the canyon or achieve their major goals in business. They must become proficient at scaling the smaller mountains as they keep in sight the larger and grander objective 

  • You cannot jump over a canyon with a series of small bounds. When you leap you must make it count. An entrepreneur must take great care in planning and determining how to commit time and resources to achieve the objectives that really count.   

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