Principles of Building Entrepreneurial Success

The Principle of the White Angel

Wisdom for Today

  • Business in Americas is conducted through relationship. There are exceptions to this rule, but new entrepreneurs must learn to leverage relationships with established members of the business network they are trying to break into. Someone with an inside track will frequently sponsor a promising entrepreneur.  

  • Some say that “power is never given; it must be taken.” Conversely help can be given only when it is accepted. Learn to recognize when you need help. Be willing to accept it. No one is a self-made success. We all benefit from the support of others throughout the ventures we take on in life.  

  • Minority and women entrepreneurs cannot ang must not restrict themselves to doing business only with other minorly and women business people. You must be the white business commentary. A win-win business proposition exists for those brave enough to change to and who change the status quo.

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