Principles of Building Entrepreneurial Success

The Steps Versus Elevator Principles

Wisdom to Take Away

  • Many small business owners possess an "elevator mentality" as it pertains to entrepreneurial success and business growth.  Like a person who steps into an elevator pushes a button, and is immediately whisked to the floor the their choosing, they believe that success can be produced with similar efforts.   

  • Others,  prefer the incremental approach of taking small, calculated steps that move them toward a worthy goal. They believe in the value of taking the time to build a foundation before climbing to the next level.   

Taking Incremental steps  

  1. Forces you to condition yourself for the long haul, to hone your skills, and then to steadily improve upon them.    

  2. Allows you to adjust to the ever-changing and variable conditions of the journey.  As you collect more data-and make mistakes-you'll be moving slowly enough to adjust before a mistake can become fatal.  . 

  3. Gives you the opportunity to build an infrastructure, which will support your ultimate success. It does no good to achieve high levels of success only to find that you're unable to handle the demands that success brings.    
  4. Builds your confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles and to achieve.  The more you achieve, the more confident you will become.    

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