Principles of Building Entrepreneurial Success

The RAF vs. RFA Principle

Wisdom for Today


  • A military bombardier uses multiple pieces of information to make calculations before he drops his bombs. Rarely does he score a bulls-eye on the first attempt. After dropping the fist bombs, the bombardier quickly assesses how close he came to the target, adjusts his coordinates, and prepares for another try.
  • Successful entrepreneurs are also required to make multiple attempts at hitting their business targets. Unfortunately, many business people follow the technique of RAF (ready, aim, fire) in reaching their business objective. Too often they are proficient at executing the ready and aim steps but never get around to firing (taking action or pulling the trigger).
  • Successful entrepreneurs are adept at utilizing the technique of RFA (ready, fire, aim). They prepare to fire, they pull the rigger and aggressively integrate feedback from these actions in order to adjust the aim, and fire again.  They tend to fire in rapid busts as they quickly move closer and closer to hitting their intended targets.

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