Principles of Entrepreneurhip Preparation

Recapturing the Dead Zone Principle

Wisdom for Today

  • The "dead zone" is that block of time in an entrepreneur's day that is completely unproductive.  It can occur at any time of day or night.
  • Entrepreneurs who are attempting to move their business to the next level may find it necessary to recapture this dead zone and turn it into a productive period.  Don't stress.  Allow your thinking to evolve naturally.
  • The first step in recapturing the dead zone is to monitor your tasks over a few days.  Track your time to see at what part of the day you are most and least productive.  After isolating the unproductive patterns, develop strategies that will allow you to make this time more productive.  Concurrently, try to accomplish all critical task during the period you are most productive.

Wallace, R. (2000), Soul Food 52 Principles for Black Entrepreneurial Success, New York: Perseus Publishing    

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