Principles of Entrepreneurship Preparation

Removing the Power of the Stake Principle

Wisdom for Today

  • The typical entrepreneur, in a moment of weakness, is reminded of some form of a sharp, deep, stake that firmly keeps them in "their place." For some, this stake is racism and bigotry. They have concluded that they are the "wrong" color and therefore cannot achieve true success.  For others, this stake may be sexism.  Women feel that their gender automatically renders them uncompetitive.  For many more entrepreneurs, the stakes that fasten them tightly in place may be age, weight, height, culture, or religion.  The worst case scenario is that too many stakes often mean certain failure. 
  • Usually the stake has no inherent power.  The stake has only as much power as the entrepreneur allows.  For instance, you could let the stake of sexism dictate what opportunities you try to capitalize on, but then accomplished by women.  By focusing on the stake, you automatically divert to it your power, energy and ability to perform.  It is prudent to recognize that the stake exists-and then to recapture the power it appears to possess by assuming full ownership of our destiny.

Wallace, R. (2000), Soul Food 52 Principles for Black Entrepreneurial Success, New York: Perseus Publishing    

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