Principles of Entrepreneurship Preparation

The No Man is an Island Principle

Wisdom for Today



  • Some entrepreneurs their duties and tasks like the Lone Ranger. They have the mistaken belief that they can achieve their business objectives by themselves, with little or no help. But even the Lone Ranger needed his friend Tonto every now and then.
  • The reality is that that entrepreneurial greatness is realized by working with and through people.  The most successful entrepreneurs depend upon assistance from employees, stakeholders, stockholders, suppliers, consultants, and business partners.  

  • The irony for those who are reluctant to ask for help is that most people who are in a position of power and influence   are normally willing to help others. There are some recommended approaches, though, on how to ask for and obtain assistance.


  1. Be humble.  Learn to listen to those who are in the know.

  2. Be sure you approach someone who has the experience and the power to help you.

  3. Be specific about what you need help with.

  4. Be prepared to articulate how the individual will personally, benefit from helping you. Keep in mind that the benefit need not necessarily be financial.

  5. Learn to set aside your pride. Ask for help.

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