Principles of Entrepreneurship Maintenance

The Boomerang Principle

Wisdom for Today

·       The boomerang principle is synonymous with the biblical principle of “as a man sows, so shall he reap.” As an entrepreneur, you will find that everything you do comes back at you in similar fashion. For example, if you give to customers, they will give back to you. If you pay people compliments, they will ultimately repay you with a compliment. 

·       A corollary to this principle is that when you “throw the boomerang"--when you initiate an action (either positive or negative) that may impact one or many people-when it comes back at you, the return impact will be manyfold that of the initial action. For example, if you help someone in business (for example, extend a business loan to someone everyone else has turned down), and then years later you find yourself in a similar predicament, your help will come, but it will far exceed the help you initially provided. Conversely, if you are dishonest and unscrupulous in your business dealings, at some point you will become the victim of numerous business attacks of increased severity and intensity.