Principles of Entrepreneurship Maintenance

The Principle of Decision-Node Intelligence

Wisdom for Today


·       The principle of decision-node intelligence is related to a science called decision analysis. Decision analysis teaches how to analyze business options logically and then to assess which option to choose. Every decision we make provides a single entry into the next decision node, in that one idea relates to another until we reach a point of understanding. Typically, the output side of a decision node contains multiple choices from which to choose. Although entrepreneurs are free to pick any option as the next branch in the decision tree, they must exercise great diligence and caution in choosing. Failure to make a good choice or the “right" choice could result in a significant setback or even failure. 

·       The key to enhancing your decision-node intelligence and thus increasing your probability of consistently making good decisions is to learn from those who have already gone through those same decision nodes. A good mentor can provide anecdotal data a experiences to assist you in choosing the right branch and helping you to avoid the pitfalls and the painful waste of precious resources. The principle of decision-node intelligence can be related to the principle of mentoring.