Black Wealth:
Through Black Entrepreneurship

History confirms that wealth equates to power. Author, entrepreneur, and management consultant Robert Wallace contends that wealth is the one remaining ingredient still missing from the African-American power base. In Black Wealth: Your Road to Small Business Success, Wallace demonstrates that, while ethnic solidarity and political power have increased significantly over the past thirty-five years, the creation of personal wealth within the black community has lagged behind.

But where do you start? How do you create a business? How will you make it grow? How do you overcome such obstacles as racism and sexism? Black Wealth gives you expert guidance. Building upon fifteen years of research, Wallace uses inspiring portraits and case studies of successful African-American and female entrepreneurs. This book identifies and codifies the skills and strategies that were key to the success of these bold pioneers. What emerges is the Wallace 4 Quadrant Model For Entrepreneurial Success, which you can emulate to achieve a similar outcome in your own professional life.


"Wallace shares the successes and challenges of these bold entrepreneurs with candor, humor, insight, and admiration. All of these accounts result in fascinating reading and provide object lessons for would-be entrepreneurs, fledgling businesses, and well-established firms." 

-Former Congressman, Parren J. Mitchell