The Ssese Principles Guidelines for Creating Wealth Through Faith 

The Message:
The Ssese Principles: Guidelines for Creating Wealth Through Faith reveals the rarely discussed business and wealth creation wisdom embedded in the Holy Bible. The book explains that, contrary to what many of us have been taught in our religious experience, not only is God not against us creating wealth, He actually provides the roadmap for how to achieve it! Written in an inspiring, straight-forward style, the book provides Christian readers with 10 easily understood guidelines for wealth creation, wealth capturing, wealth management and wealth maintenance. Readers come away understanding how to leverage the principles of God to create wealth through entrepreneurship in such a way that not only do they personally benefit but others do as well.

Readers learn how to:

  • Establish the unique vision God gives each of us to achieve wealth and to prosper His Kingdom on Earth. This book shows readers the critical importance of using one’s God-given talents and the wealth that can be generated from those talents to support the greater good of God’s Kingdom.
  • Leverage the four major assets God gives everyone to build wealth.
  • Understand 10 biblical principles that provide the framework, justification, guidelines, and strategic imperative for creating, capturing, managing, and maintaining wealth.

The Audience: 
This book is geared to two large groups of Christian readers:

  • Those who want to excel in their careers and in their chosen professions but who are held back by the mistaken belief that the pursuit of wealth and business success is somehow inherently evil. The truth, as revealed in this book, is that a careful reading of the Holy Bible shows that God is not against wealth or riches. He is not against business success and the enjoyment of material possessions. What He does caution us about is not to make riches, material gain, and wealth our Gods. He also exhorts us to use our wealth to further His Kingdom. Readers in this group will have the obstacle that formerly kept them from pursuing the fulfillment of their God-given potential removed by gaining an understanding of this message.
  • Christian entrepreneurs who want to make certain that the success they are striving for is achieved in a principled manner that honors their religious beliefs. The business world offers many ethical challenges to those who wish to lead faith-based lives. By adhering to the biblical principles presented in this book, Christian entrepreneurs can assure that as they strive for success, they are conducting themselves and their businesses in a way that honors the glory of God.

For any of you that have considered entrepreneurship or aspire to have any level of wealth, I recommend reading "The Ssese Principles" by Robert L. Wallace. (I used to work for one of his companies.) I read it in about 3 hours spread over 3 airline flights. The book shares rarely discussed business and wealth creation wisdom from the Bible. I learned so much from reading this book that I decided I have to share this with everyone I know. It is my hope that you benefit from this book as much as I have. ~Bernard Taliaferro