Themes and Points of Wisdom

  • How Innovation and Competitiveness Build Billion Dollar Enterprises
  • The Roadmap to a Billion Dollar Company
  • Importance of Strategic Partnering In Building A Billion Dollar Enterprise
  • Importance of Being a Visionary In Building A Billion Dollar Enterprise Workshops and Lecture Topics
  • Racism? Sexism? Classism? So What?
  • So You Want To Build A Billion Dollar Business?
  • Three Types Of Entrepreneurs – Which One Builds Billion Dollar Enterprises? Which One Are You?
  • What Is This Vision Thing?


In the second half of the 20th century, minority and women businesses were challenged with the strategic imperative to start and scale multimillion dollar enterprises. Many assumed that in order for minority and women business owners to be successful during these early days, they had to focus on generating a certain critical mass before their business model could become sustainable. In recent years this paradigm has shifted and along with it the realization that a larger critical mass has become necessary to not only sustain businesses but for them to thrive on the global level. Now at the turn of the millennium, the business objectives and criteria for success of minority and women owned businesses have shifted dramatically. No longer is the directive to build multimillion dollar enterprises the rallying call of business leaders. Instead, the call for embryonic, emerging, and established minority businesses, women businesses and entrepreneurial leaders is to focus their sights on building billion dollar business enterprises.

As it turns out this is not a journey for the faint of heart. Robert Wallace takes a look at the group of women and minority entrepreneurs who have actually crossed or who are rapidly approaching the billion dollar/year sales mark. While many entrepreneurs may not have a desire to achieve such goals, Wallace insists that even if a billion dollar enterprise is not your ultimate objective, the discipline that is gained from attempting to do so will benefit one’s business immensely. The question that many are asking is how do you accelerate the formation of billion dollar minority and women owned business enterprises in a world that is changing so rapidly that human knowledge is now doubling every seven years? Using a series of case studies, business analysis, and economic comparisons, Robert L. Wallace, takes a detailed and thorough look at what it takes to build a billion dollar enterprise when faced with the challenges and impediments people of color and women are forced to confront. The findings and conclusions may surprise you.

The Color of A Billion is forthcoming