Themes and Points of Wisdom

  • Western entrepreneurs often operate on business rules and paradigms that do not work in emerging markets. Learn what works there.
  • Chaos is not inherently negative
  • Embrace global churn
  • It is imperative to become more and more self-aware
  • Respond quickly to micro changes in the environment
  • Exercise political awareness
  • Be at the “bleeding edge” of technological and innovative creativeness


While many emerging markets often have chaotic economies and huge challenges, they offer some of the most promising new business opportunities. Unfortunately for American-based small businesses, there tends to be a lack of understanding of the new global “rules of engagement.” This lack of understanding has put many American entrepreneurs at a disadvantage when competing in global markets. The reality is that although global norms for doing businesses at times seem dysfunctional and disorganized, they are actually functional and often produce the desired outcomes, much to the surprise of many American based entrepreneurs. Sadly, too many American small businesses often operate on business rules and paradigms that do not work in these new emerging markets. This book takes an around-the-world look at the best practices that American-based small businesses need to adopt in order to remain competitive and relevant to the world economy.

Workshops and Lecture Topics

  • Developing Global Entrepreneurs: Using The CRASH Model
  • Leadership: New Age Style
  • Leadership: Lessons From the Jungle
  • Building Strategic Alliances Across National and Cultural Boundaries
  • 10 Steps To Creating A Global Business
  • Top 10 Mistakes That Small Businesses Make When Going Global
  • Keep Walking And Don’t Look Back
  • Converting Chaos Into Order and Order Into Chaos
  • The New Global Economic Paradigm

Crash is forthcoming