Black Wealth Through Black Entrepreneurship

Ten true case studies of black entrepreneurs highlight this timely work. Robert L. Wallace, a nationally recognized business consultant, entrepreneur and former course facilitator of the acclaimed Minority Business Executive Program at Dartmouth College, presents a combination of instructional, issues oriented and how-to advice for today's black entrepreneurs.

Black Wealth - Your Road to Small Business Success

Argues that the best way to create black wealth is through entrepreneurship, the establishment, growth, and institutionalization of black-owned businesses that keep money within the community and draw new money in from outside.

Soul Food - 52 Principles for Black Entrepreneurial Success

Shares real-life accounts and lessons and offers principles and strategies that are invaluable for both emerging and experienced entrepreneurs. Redefines the notion of entrepreneurial success and offers solutions that are of immediate significance to the growing legion of black, minority, and female entrepreneurs.

Strategic Partnerships ~ An Entrepreneur's Guide to Joint Ventures and Alliances

Build long-term alliances through mutually beneficial relationships with larger business entities.Most chapters conclude with a case study of a business illustrating the chapter topic, along with an interview with an executive from a major corporation. The stories and interviews give readers real-life takeaways that they can relate and apply to their own situations, providing them with a specific tool to move forward in their development.

The Ssese Principles Guidelines for Creating Wealth Through Faith

The Ssese Principles: Guidelines for Creating Wealth Through Faith reveals the rarely discussed business and wealth creation wisdom embedded in the Holy Bible. The book explains that, contrary to what many of us have been taught in our religious experience, not only is God not against us creating wealth, He actually provides the roadmap for how to achieve it! Written in an inspiring, straight-forward style, the book provides Christian readers with 10 easily understood guidelines for wealth creation, wealth capturing, wealth management and wealth maintenance. Readers come away understanding how to leverage the principles of God to create wealth through entrepreneurship in such a way that not only do they personally benefit but others do as well.

Green Gold - Leveraging Alliances & Partnerships in the Green Industry

With the current economic crisis, every advantage is helpful in gaining clients and business. A large part of being able to increase both involves company image -- how others perceive you -- customer perception as well as the perception of others who conduct business within your company’s same sphere of influence. Today, with this growing trend in environmentally conscious thinking, businesses that can claim—truthfully—that they are ‘green’ now have an effective advantage over more traditional businesses. Today’s consumers are actively looking for ‘green’ companies that can provide competitive services to help them also go green, as well as to help them help the rest of the world go green. All of that can mean one thing: more green—though in this context, green means money. ‘Green’ is the new buzzword at all levels of industry, from small businesses up to major branches of government, and the market is huge for those who can figure out how to go green themselves…and how to take others there with them.

Business Success Lessons from the Emerging World

While many emerging markets often have chaotic economies and huge challenges, they offer some of the most promising new business opportunities. Unfortunately for American-based small businesses, there tends to be a lack of understanding of the new global “rules of engagement.” This lack of understanding has put many American entrepreneurs at a disadvantage when competing in global markets. The reality is that although global norms for doing businesses at times seem dysfunctional and disorganized, they are actually functional and often produce the desired outcomes, much to the surprise of many American based entrepreneurs. Sadly, too many American small businesses often operate on business rules and paradigms that do not work in these new emerging markets. This book takes an around-the-world look at the best practices that American-based small businesses need to adopt in order to remain competitive and relevant to the world economy.