LERCPA Honors 4 Generations of Clean Energy and Sustanability Leaders

 Baby Boomer Generation Award

At the second annual Leaders in Energy “4 Generations: Leadership in Clean Energy & Sustainability” event on December 4, 2015, Janine Finnell, Founder, of Leaders in Energy and Clean Energy Ambassador welcome nearly 100 attendees from around the world.  LERCPA members included product developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and policy consultants recognized clean energy and sustainability leaders throughout four generations:

  • Bill Holmberg, WWII/Traditional Generation

  • Robert L. Wallace, Baby Boomer Generation

  • Sonia Punjabi, Generation X

  • Timi Komonibo, Millennial Generation

Janine stated, "It takes TALENT from ALL the generations to create a more sustainable energy system, world, and planet."